The "Blue Pass" research installation is an audiovisual story of Kyrgyzstan and people whose practices are linked to the Swiss Cooperation Programme's activities in the field of development in the country. The idea of the exhibition is based on the representation of the «voices» of local communities and the creation of images through language of the media. We tell the stories of the people and places where these stories unfold, reflect our feelings about the nature, objects, sounds and meanings.
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The created works are not only a documentary-artistic fixation, but also a reference to the genres of fine arts of Soviet Kyrgyzstan, which is associated with the appeal of the art collective Laboratoria СI to the local history of art for the past year and a half.

Art, in its modernist tradition, spread in Kyrgyzstan with the emergence and presence of Soviet power. Its transformations coincided with all Soviet political and cultural processes, however, the internal dynamics and interests were formed by local material. Thus, for painting, it was important to have a realistic landscape and a reference to the everyday life of people.

Collecting material and visiting different regions of our country, we also based the exhibition on these two grounds – everyday life and landscape, enveloping and shaping the lives of people in the regions in a certain way. Thus, the exhibition presents domestic videos, landscape videos and video abstractions that frame the verbal narrative. Formally, these provisional "genres" are unfolding in the form of a spectrum of multimedia works – audio-video installations, video projections, as well as "invasion" of 3D graphics.

Through the medialization and representation of the collected research material, we also carry out the remediation of the constructed images, i.e. we create an image of speech, multiply the same images, add interpretation in the form of musical accompaniment.

The research installation "Blue Pass" invites you to communicate through immersion in the stories of people, places, events and images of landscapes of Kyrgyzstan. At the same time, you can regulate the degree of submerging yourself – to remain at the level of visualization, to want to hear the works or to show interest in the narrative presented in this catalogue.

We would be glad if this installation became an experience that you would like to repeat in other variations of contemporary art.
Multimedia project created to celebrate 25th anniversary of Kyrgyz Swiss cooperation

Curators of the exhibition:
Almaz Isakov
Joshik Murzakhmetov
Diana Ukhina
Interview and text:
Diana Ukhina
Almaz Isakov
Joshik Murzakhmetov
Kanykey Kenesarieva
Diana Rakhmanova
Adel Ismailkhanova
Design and layout
of the exhibition
Almaz Isakov
Translation into English:
Dina Mursalimova
Translation into Kyrgyz,
from Kyrgyz to Russian:
Nuraiym Shamyrkanova
Aikogul Daiyrbekova
Catalogue proofreading in Russian:
Elena Bosler-Guseva
Catalogue proofreading in Kyrgyz:
Aiday Chorobaeva
Catalogue proofreading in English:
Aida Bekturova
Composition for the exhibition:
Aitegin Muratbek uulu
3D designer:
Andrei Zakirzyanov