Art collective Laboratoria CI
We consider art as a discipline linking research and artistic gesture, theories and practices, in which the transition from an object to a moment, process, experience, immersion is important.
Red Pill
contemporary art exhibition
Within the framework of the exhibition "Red Pill", a conversation about memory and identity was initiated. We were interested in it as a certain perspective on the social "matrix" that influences the formation of human's identity and is based on memory. Besides, by this exhibition, we proposed to perform a certain deconstruction of ourselves, to find different practices of interpretation of identity and memory, to understand how the overlap many factors shapes our understanding of ourselves and others.

Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts named after G. Aitiev, 2018
In search of the city
research exhibition
The research exhibition shows the results of the eponymous artistic and research program from September to November 2017. Based on the sociological theory, the objects of Bishkek were analyzed by three languages of the understanding of city: high modernism, hipster and new urbanism.

Asanbay center, 2017
Art & Emancipation: O. Manuilova and her contemporaries
research exhibition
Exhibition raised questions on women's position in today's society through works of the Soviet Kirghizia female artists and archive documents (historical artifacts, photography, copies of newspapers and official documents from the Soviet period) on emancipation in Central Asia in 1920-30s. Addressing the period of women's emancipation in the Soviet Kirghizia, the exhibition explored the perception of women as actors and creators in their professional and public work; represent women as actors and agents of social, political activity.

Memorial House-museum of O. Manuilova, 2015
Monuments of Bishkek
In the presented articles five monuments and memorials are objects of the research. They interest us because they serve as symbolic objects, documenting the dominant idea of the discourse or vice versa losing this dominant idea over time in view of the changing political and socio-economic context. Thus, we turn our attention to the processes and narratives in which these objects appeared, transformed and continue to exist.
City made by…
This issue of the magazine was created based on the results of two artistic educational programs «Laboratory of Urban Research» held in Osh and Almaty cities in April-May, 2017. Within the framework of the Laboratory, the participants became acquainted with approaches to investigate the urban environment and artistic research praxis. Implemented projects and their reflection are included in the new issue. Because the program was designed to enable participation of a wide range of people, the carried out studies and their results have different depth spectrum, and largely represent work with the perception of urban space by the participants of the Laboratory.
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